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28 June 2008 @ 01:35 pm
Fan Fic contest  

Okay fellow writers, here's the scoop!  The House MD Anaheim Convention  '09'is sponsoring a Fan Fic Contest. It is running from June 21- October 31, 2008   What's that you say; are there rules? So glad you asked!   

Fan Fiction Contest Rules

1.                  Fiction must be an original work and never posted to any website before the contest date.

2.                  Fiction cannot use crossovers and must remain in cannon with House MD up to 4:16. You can use any time within the 1:1 through 4:16 to set your story.

3.                  You may introduce a new character to the story as long as the character follows guidelines and cannon.

4.                  No slash for the purpose of this contest will be accepted.

5.                  Please keep the number of pages between five and twelve for judging.

6.                  The rating of the stories is suitable for a 13 year old to read. Use the TV guidelines for the show as your measuring stick. If it can't be said on House, rethink it.

7.                  It is understood that the nature of House the character is very non-politically correct. However, it may become necessary for the judges to review dialogue of an inflammatory nature for merit and need in moving the story forward.

8.                  Judges may enter fiction for the enjoyment of others but are not eligible for prize consideration.

9.                  You may use any style of writing you wish including narrative, dialogue, etc. I

10.              You may write a character's 'back story' for this contest. Please research first and stay as close to cannon as possible. Invention for the sake of a story will not be accepted. (House cannot be Wilson's long missing brother for example.)

11.              With your submission please include the genre of your story. (Humor, Angst, Drama, and so forth.)

12.              All decisions of the judges are final.

13.              Include your email address so that we can be in contact with you.

14.              Winners will be notified via email and announced just prior to the convention.

15.              Top stories will be printed for fan enjoyment and available at the House MD Convention in Anaheim.

16.              Include a disclaimer stating that FOX has the rights to all House characters and no infringement is intended.


We also have a really cool first prize for the winner. A Promotional FOX House MD tshirt amd travel coffee mug, which are pictured below.


(I just KNOW you want this!)   So put on those thinking caps and get writing! There will be a $5 submission fee per entry. For more information, visit the HouseMD Anaheim Site:

For questions, comments please send them to this address:

We all look forward to reading EVERY one!


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